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  Current water-wasting showerhead flowrate (guide range 15-25 litre/min)    
  Water-saving Oxygenics eco-showerhead flow rate (guide range 7-9 litre/min)    
  Average shower duration (min)    
  Number of showers taken per showerhead per day    
  Current cost of electricity excl VAT (R x.xx/kWatt hour)    
  Current averaged cost of water excl VAT (R x.xx/kLitre)    
  Current averaged cost of wastewater excl VAT (R x.xx/kLitre)    
  Number of showerheads installed    
  Price paid for Oxygenics eco-showerhead incl VAT    
  Estimated Financial Savings with Oxygenics eco-showerhead/s      
  Total annual savings    
  Total annual saving per single showerhead (incl VAT)    
  Total annual savings per household / hotel / building    
  Number of days before Oxygenics eco-showerhead/s are paid for    
  Date on which you will have paid for your eco-showerhead/s    
  Your profit over one year    
  Your profit over five years    
  Power and Environmental Savings of Installed Showerhead/s      
  Total annual power savings to grid at generating source (kiloWatt hours)    
  Number of average South African homes that this saved electricity would fully supply (12kWhrs/house/day)    
  Total annual carbon emission savings (tonnes CO2)  
  Number of cars permanently removed from our roads equivalent to this amount of CO2 saved  
  Total annual water savings - household and water used by Eskom to generate the electricity (litres)  
  Number of average domestic swimming pools all this water would fill      
  Total annual coal usage saved by Eskom (tonnes)    
  * Please note that the above figure for "Number of average South African homes that this saved
   electricity would fully supply (12kWhrs/house/day or 4380kWhrs/house/year)" is actually only half
   of the true figure.  For example, if the number of homes returns as 0.35 then the true figure is
   actually 0.7 houses. 
   This is due to a programming error and is difficult to alter at present.  EnviroChild apologises
   for any confusion this may cause.


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