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  Billion Litre Challenge

The goal
  To encourage the widespread implementation of water and energy efficient showerheads across South Africa.  
  Why ?  
  Here in South Africa, electricity and water are becoming increasingly scarce and expensive, causing financial hardship and major environmental problems. The national electricity grid is teetering on the brink. Climate change is beginning to affect everyone.

The Billion Litre Challenge addresses these issues. It is about you and me standing up and saying “Together, we can make a difference”. Proudly South African, giving all our children the chance of a future.
  How ?  
  We are challenging corporates to participate in the 'Billion Litre Challenge'.
This means investing in all or part of a 'Billion Challenge Unit'
(15 000 eco-showerheads - capital cost R3 million).

These showerheads may be subsidised to employees or may be sponsored for low cost solar geyser rollout projects.  In this way, utility costs for employees and the low waged will be slashed and the most efficient use of solar geysers is assured.
  Annual Savings from each "Billion Litre Unit'
(15 000 showerheads)
  • Sixty million Rand - on household utility costs
  • One billion litres of water - sufficient to fill 36 000 swimming pools
  • 40 million kiloWatt hours of electricity - enough to power almost
    10 000 average South African homes for a year
  • 45 tons of carbon emissions - equivalent to that produced
    per year by 13 000 cars
  • 20 000 tons of coal - with the reduction in associated groundwater and air pollution

  • One billion litres of waste water - not entering our failing water treatment plants
We have created the concept of the Billion Litre Challenge, having identified the enormous benefits, through simple actions, that a widespread change in habit can achieve.

Participating corporates will be seen as being truly supportive of sustainable environmental initiatives, simultaneously fulfilling their legal, social and environmental obligations

Click here to see SA's role in causing climate change.

Every purchase and installation of a water and power saving eco-showerhead will help to achieve the goal. Play your part by participating in the Billion Litre Challenge.

Please contact us for further information.

Download Billion Litre Challenge flyer
  Savings to date:

Click here to see what has been saved to date
  water saving shower head
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