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Frequently Asked Questions
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How can I find out whether my home is suitable for a water-saving showerhead or a One Touch tap?

Find out by following our simple "Rule of Thumb" instructions to estimate your household water pressure

If using a mixer in your shower or kitchen, it is important that this has been plumbed correctly into a balanced supply pressure hot and cold system.  The mixer should have been properly installed with check valves (non-return) valves to ensure that there can be no backflow to the geyser, if the cold pressure is higher than the hot pressure.  If in any doubt, please consult your plumber.

How do I know that I will benefit from an Oxygenics® showerhead?

Simply go to our Oxygenics® savings calculator to find out how much money, power and water you will save. Most people will make great savings that will pay for their new showerhead in just a few months or less. It depends on many factors such as your current shower flow rate, the number of people using the shower, and the length of time in the shower. Not sure how to measure your shower’s flow rate? Find out here.

What sort of shower experience can I expect from my Oxygenics® showerhead?

An Oxygenics® shower feels powerful and invigorating, with a range of sensations from a gentle caress to a powerful massage. And there are the health benefits of oxygen injected into the water, rejuvenating your skin and improving circulation. Find the scientific report here (SWR Evaluation)

How easily will I be able to install my new Oxygenics® showerhead?

Just remove your old showerhead by unscrewing it from the shower arm, apply the Teflon sealing tape that is included with your new Oxygenics® showerhead to the shower arm thread and tighten the nut. It’s that easy. Find installation instructions here

My showerhead has blocked regularly as I have very hard water in my area. How does Oxygenics® prevent this?

Every Oxygenics® showerhead has a unique material Delrin at its core. This is similar to low friction Teflon and means that scale does not get a chance to build up. The single orifice design and turbulence technology are also reasons why you will never suffer from a clogged showerhead again.

If I have low water pressure in my home, will an Oxygenics® showerhead work for me?

All Oxygenics® models operate between 1.5 and 6 bar pressure which covers the usual household pressure range. If you think your water pressure is very low, you are advised to have it checked before installing a water-saving showerhead.  Estimate your household water pressure by following our simple "Rule of Thumb" instructions.

Does the Oxygenics® showerhead use a restrictor valve?

No, unlike other low-flow showerheads that simply restrict flow, the Oxygenics system utilizes the principles of fluid mechanics to accelerate and pressurize the water flow to give a truly high performance showering experience.

Do I need to maintain my Oxygenics® showerhead?

Apart from occasionally wiping it to maintain its as-new appearance, your Oxygenics® showerhead requires no other maintenance.

When will I have to replace my Oxygenics® showerhead?

Never! All Oxygenics® showerheads are factory tested and made from the highest quality materials. They will meet the demands of constant use and always maintain their stylish appearance. They are designed to be the last showerhead you will ever need to buy. The high performance and superior quality of Oxygenics® showerheads are the reason we offer a lifetime warranty (on most models) covering manufacturing defects and clogging. Find the warranty here.

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