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  Who we are

Eternally Solar / Oxygenics SA is a company driven by a passion to provide

simple sustainable solutions


Globally and here in South Africa we are all facing rapidly growing problems economically and environmentally.
  • Increasing energy costs-
    fuel and electricity

  • Power blackouts

  • Water shortages

  • Financial pressure

  • Climate change

  • Air and water pollution

  Please explore our site to find out more about simple ways in which you can simultaneously save both your pocket and the planet. Big problems do not always demand complicated solutions.

For example, the most effective way that you can benefit both your own finances and the environment in one easy step, is to cut down on your water and power usage.

Ensure you install a water saving shower head, using patented Oxygenics® technology, and make a habit of showering rather than taking a bath.

You can easily save over R4000 per year on water and power bills, simply by switching from a water wasting showerhead to an Oxygenics® water saving showerhead.

  Click here for simple instructions on how to measure your shower flow rate

Click here to estimate what your savings could be.

Click here for the 'Rule of Thumb check' to find out if your home is suitable for a water efficient showerhead.

Click here for details of our SA EnviroChallenge
the goal being to achieve the installation of
500 000 water saving shower heads across South Africa


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